Conductive Moisture Test: It is the measurement of moisture within the sample.

Cement: Expansion, Density, Humidity, Determination of Compressive Strength, Sieve (Particle Size)

Cement, Tufal, Zinc, Lead, Bentonite, Clay, etc.: TML / FMP / Moisture (Hydraulic Cement Mortar Flow), AOR, Bulk Density, Stowage Factor

Impact Resistance Test: It is the resistance of the rocks of standard sizes against impacts in a certain direction. It is important to know the impact resistance in determining the usage areas of the rock.

Sieve Tests: Particle size measurements.

Loss of Ignition (Fire Loss – LOI) Tests: The LOI test is performed to determine the free lime and magnesium levels that are carbonated and hydrated due to weather conditions in mines, minerals, and ores. That is to see whether the cement is stale. This experiment is carried out to determine the amount of organic matter or unburned coal in fly ash and aggregate.

Clay, Kaolin, Olivine etc.: Dry strength, Firing strength, Bulk shrinkage, Water absorption, L.a.b.

Moisture Tests: The measurement of moisture in the structure of the sample. The moisture test for foods is a quality criterion for determining the shelf life and storage conditions.

pH Tests: Determination of acidic and alkalinity ratios of the sample.

TML / FMP / Hydraulic Cement Mortar Flow – Mobility Determination of Moisture Limits and Shaking Table Test: It is the measurement of the maximum moisture content of the ships which can be carried safely for transportation. These tests are carried out for solid bulk cargoes such as metal concentrates. It is decided that a cargo should be transported under the guidance of the FMP test results, whether or not for freight transport, and that the ship’s captain and port authorities must know. This test is also applied for bulk concretes.

Water (Groundwater, Wastewater, Irrigation Water, etc.): pH, Conductivity Determination, Total Dissolved Substance (TCC) Determination, Suspended Solids (AKM) Determination, Hardness Determination (Temporary + Permanent), Determination, Collapsible Solids Determination

Soil (Peat and Leonardite, Clay, etc.): pH Determination, Conductivity Determination, Moisture Determination, LOI (Determination of Loss of Heat), Determination of Total Organic Matter, Determination of Fat, Absorption Absorbed Water Amount, Porosity

Density (d) Tests: It is the measurement of the mass of the unit volume of the material having a homogeneous structure.

Construction Tests: (Sand, Marble, Gravel, Concrete, Asphalt, Aggregate, Natural Rock etc.) n